Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen Juice 

Mangosteen juice Panarin’s brand is 80% concentrated mangosteen juice mixed 20% of juices and herbs produced by Thipmongkol555 Co.,Ltd.Authentic flavor of concentrated mangosteen juice from Chanthaburi Province harmoniously blended with 24 types of fruit juices and herbal juices.

Mangosteen is praised as the Queen of Fruits”. Drinking mangosteen juice gives you a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as sugar, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and the most important mineral existing in mangosteen is xanthones.


Xanthones are naturally-occurring compounds with a distinct chemical structure, known as tricyclic aromatic system, with known antibacterial properties.

From: Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, 2018

Xanthones: The Miracle Nutrient in Mangosteen

            Mrs. Parichart Sriwiwat, Former Deputy Director-General of Agricultural Promotion Department, mentioned that, recently, there are the researches on xanthones which can be found in mangosteen rind, seed and endocarp. The scientific research suggests that xanthones are very useful in terms of medicine, industry, cosmetics, and they can also be used for food preparation to increase nutritional and herbal value.

            Medical research suggests that xanthones in mangosteen have various pharmacological properties as follows:

            – Xanthones are an antioxidant which has three-time better antibacterial, antifungal anti-inflammatory properties than aspirin. It can reduce inflammation in diabetic wounds and inflammatory infection, help with wound healing and pore tightening, reduce the risks of hyperlipidemia, relieve allergy, inhibit enzyme of HIV which causes AIDS, be antigenotoxic agents which prevent cancer, prevent coagulation which causes hypertension, heart disease, paralysis, paresis and stroke, protect cardiac muscle, reduce cardiomegaly problem, reduce edema and pain from edema, reduce the risks of cellulite and fat accumulation in blood vessels, prevent and heal diarrhea, chronic diarrhea and bleeding per rectum, prevent tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease, reduce inflammatory and allergic skin, depress central nervous system and increase blood pressure, as well as boosting immune system in the body.

 Extract from the article “Miracle Xanthones in Mangosteen”, Technological Transfer Development Office, Department of Agricultural Promotion (No. 26/2554)

Xanthones: The Miracle Nutrient in Mangosteen

Mangosteen Juice “Thipmongkol” made from authentic mangosteen endocarp, and for the best flavor and benefit, mixed with appropriate amount of fruit juices and herbal juices as follows:

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Mangosteen is praised as the Queen of Fruits”. Drinking mangosteen juice gives you a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as sugar, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and the most important mineral existing in mangosteen is xanthones.

Lingzhi Mushroom

Lingzhi mushroom is Chinese herb which has been consumed for over 2,000 years. It is a rare herb and high-valued. The Chinese praise that Lingzhi mushroom is the best of all Chinese herbs. According to scientific information, Lingzhi mushroom is highly nutritious and contains over 150 types of active pharmaceutical ingredients which can extensively heal diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, allergy, as well as boost immune system

Goji Berry or Chinese Wolfberry

      Goji berry is a great stimulant with medium effects and sweet taste. It helps nourish your body and boost the body system functions, nourishes eyesight, boosts the immune system, and helps bone marrow produce blood cells. It is also an antioxidant and anticancer, nourishes skin, helps anti-aging, reduces the level of sugar in blood, enhances the operation of liver, boosts memory and reduces stress, helps with fertility system, and increases blood hormones.

Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo biloba is a traditional herb which has been used for over 5,000 years. It is an antioxidant which helps antiaging and prevents platelet aggregation, hence improving blood circulation. Brain functions and decision-making can be improved. Memory and learning ability are enhanced. Eyesight is better, and it helps preventing dementia, boosting sexual ability and relieving the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Lou Han Gua

     Lou Han Gua is a Chinese herb used for healing diabetes patients as it can be used as the sweetener in place of sugar without any effects on the level of blood sugar. Also, it can stimulate insulin production, antioxidant, antibacterial in the mouth which is the cause of decayed tooth, gingivitis, oral thrush, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.


            Safflower is a legend of Thai herb which has a number of properties. It is rich of linoleic acid and effective in reducing cholesterol in blood. Safflower helps nourish the body and blood, as well as heals sepsis and is used for dialysis.

Gac Fruit

Modern research has found that the gac fruit seeds contain a variety of protein and has various pharmacological properties. Its seed tissue is rich of beta carotene at 10 times higher than the amount of beta carotene found in carrots and has lycopene 12 times higher than in tomatoes. Additionally, gac fruit contains more lycopene than any other fruits. It is an antioxidant, so it is one of the best agent to prevent cancer cells from growing.

Jewel Vine

Research suggests that jewel vine can relieve wasting disease and beriberi, soften tendon, heal neurogenic bladder, help diuresis, heal dysentery and disabled ligament, relieve aches, backache and waist pain, as well as nourish your body.

Indian Gooseberry

   Indian gooseberry has 5 flavors which are sour, sweet, hot and spicy, bitter and astringent. One whole piece of Indian gooseberry contains high vitamin C which can relieve outhouses ulcer, diarrhea and leprosy, reduces blood pressure, and relieve thirsty.

Nutmeg Juice 

    Nutmeg heals inflammation in urinary tract and bladder. It can be used as the carminative to cleanse the breath and heals abnormality of alimentary system.

Roselle Juice

Roselle helps reduce cholesterol in blood, heals apthous ulcer, strengthens immune system, prevents cold, heals coughing symptom, and improves digestion. It can be used as the laxatives to lubricate the intestines and prevent Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Cinnamon Juice 

Cinnamon heals weakness and nourishes your body. It can be used as the carminative, heals Parkinson's disease, improves appetite, and heals colic symptoms, indigestion, coughing, cold, enteritis, dysmenorrhea, weakness and nausea

Myrabolan Juice 

      It has astringent, sour and bitter flavor and is used for healing fever, expectorating, healing food poisoning, internal heat, controlling elements, healing sore throat, getting rid of poor lymph and sputum.

Beleric Myrabolan 

      It nourishes elements in the body, improves appetite, stimulates bile production which improves gastrointestinal tract, heals fever, gets rid of sputum, and heals coughing. It can be used as the laxative and heals pustule.

Nutmeg Tree 

           It is a mild laxative and helps get rid of sputum and facilitate ventilation system in the body.

Mulberry Juice 

     It is an antioxidant and a cold drug which can heal apthous ulcer and relieve thirsty. It can moisturize tissues, heal coughing, tranquilize, and heal nasal polyps. It is a mild laxative for healing abnormal functions of the body, as well as healing joint pain, fever and sore throat.

Maoberry Juice 

    It nourishes kidney, micturates, heals wasting disease, heals procidentia uteri and leucorrhea, as well as heals follicular pharyngitis and bogy pain.

Finger Root Juice 

          It has spicy and bitter flavor and is effective in healing stomachache and distention. Finger fruit can also reinforce the body and sexual ability, micturate, heal neurogenic bladder, nourish elements, heal mouth and throat disease, heal sepsis and detox.

Ginger Juice 

Ginger can heal vomiting symptom, improve appetite, heal distention and coughing, expectorate, nourish elements, prevent peptic ulcer, reduce colic, stimulate bile for digestion, heal herpangina, and reduce blood pressure.

Turmeric Juice 

It has astringent flavor and can heal feverish symptom, heal the intestines and eucorrhoea, micturate, heal blood congestion, struggle blood circulation and abnormal menstruation.

Clove Juice

It has spicy flavor and helps distribute and get rid of phlegm, heals ulemorrhagia, toothache and gumboil, reduces mouth odor, distention, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, heals colic, relieves beriberi and sepsis, gets rid of amniotic fluid, and heals dyspepsia.

Longan Juice 

  It helps nourish spleen, blood, heart and body, tranquilizes nerve, relieves fatigue caused by overwork, short-memory, insomnia and neurasthenia, as well as freshens your body.

Bael Juice 

     It has cool and fresh flavor, heals nausea and weakness, freshens your body, nourishes spleen, blood and heart, nourishes the body, tranquilizes nerve, relieves fatigue caused by overwork, short-memory, insomnia and neurasthenia.

Job’s Tear Juice 

It is highly nutritious and a cold drug which helps micturate and heals bronchitis and pneumonia.

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